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Divorce & Family Law

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Areas of Practice

  • Divorce

  • High Asset Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Post-Divorce Decree Modifications

  • Enforcement

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements

  • Separation/Post-Nuptial Agreements

  • Appeals

  • Child Support

  • Collaborative Law

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Paternity Issues

  • Grandparent's Rights

  • Gay Divorce and Same Sex Parenting 

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Why Choose Hutson Law for your divorce?

Aggressive and Experienced

I am an experienced professional with an eye for detail.  I will use all legal means necessary to make sure you get every dollar you deserve in your divorce.

Happy Family

Custom Service

You are not a widget on an assembly line.  I zealously represent every divorce client in every case.  

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Flexible Fee Structure

Depending on the facts of the divorce,  I offer flat rates, retainer fee and monthly billing options.  

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Family Law cases can be complicated.  Where disputes over valuable assets are involved, or custody over minor children is in dispute, they can be chaotic.  If you have been served with Divorce Papers or you are preparing to file, and you have assets or debts other than your home, then you should retain a skilled divorce lawyer as soon as possible.  This is especially true if your spouse is represented by counsel.

Divorce cases move very quickly; and, because of the volume of cases on the family court dockets, the learning curve is steep.  Crucial decisions may be made within days of finding out that you have been sued for divorce that will impact the rest of your life.    Issues such as:

- The Family Home;  

- Child Custody;

- Child Support; and

- Temporary Alimony; 


Once these decisions are made, it is extremely difficult to change them and tare often carried over into the Court's final orders in your case.   Judges don't often change their minds.  By hiring an attorney you can trust early, you are ensuring that you will have counsel who is familiar with you and your case to represent you and to present the witnesses and evidence to support your position. 


As your case progresses, you will continue to need experienced divorce counsel.  


Once of the most important roles that your attorney plays is ensuring that you get a fair property settlement.  


For example, a lot of people do not realize that they are entitled to claim 1/2 of all community assets.  That includes all community savings and checking accounts, all community retirement accounts, and all community real estate and personal property regardless of whether the account or property is held solely in your spouse's name. 

Many are also unaware that community debts will be divided among the parties regardless of whose name the debt is in.  For example, they think they must take responsibility for credit cards in their own name, although that is not necessarily true.  

One o the most important  services your attorney can provide is to make sure that your spouse does not get away with trying to cheat you skillfully moving money, or hiding assets.  

A skillful attorney will know where to look, and how to find hidden assets that could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

If you are going through a divorce, call Hutson Law today to help you through it.  


Child custody disputes are among the most bitter battles that can arise in a divorce.  If you have minor children, especially if you are a father, then it is crucial that you establish the facts and evidence that support your position as the parent best suited to receive custody of your children early in the case.  This is not simply a question of telling the Court why you believe it is in your child's best interest to give you custody.  

You may have lots of horror stories about your spouse's behavior that you believe make this obvious.  Divorce courts hear accusations and counter accusations in child custody disputes all the time.   Anecdotes will not be enough to prove your child belongs with you.  

You will need witnesses and documentary evidence to show:


* that you have been actively involved in your child's life,

* that you are willing to cooperate with your spouse in co-parenting your children,

* that your household is stable and conducive to providing the child with a safe and nurturing home life, * that living with you will not disrupt your child's current routine, 

* that you have a stable personal history with no episodes of violence or abuse, 

* that your child wishes to live with you.  

None of these factors is determinative but the stronger your evidence, the better your case will be before the Court.  Judges in divorce cases are used to hearing parents badmouthing one another.  In fact, bad-mouthing is likely to go against your claims for custody.  They want to see hard evidence of what is best for your kids.  

In attempting to obtain custody of your children, it is easy to unwittingly alienate the judge and undermine your efforts.  It is important to hire a skilled divorce attorney who will build the evidence that will protect your kids and your rights.

Getting your divorce case started with Hutson Law is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . . 


1.  Schedule your free divorce or family law consultation 


2.  Meet with the attorney.


3.  The Attorney prepares a Plan of Action.

Finding the right lawyer . . . 

Finding the lawyer that is right for you is about asking the right questions.  

1.  Is the lawyer's office close to your home?  You will need to meet with your attorney over the course of your case.  

In my experience meeting with your attorney in person is important.  It promotes trust and stimulates the memory which in turn provides your attorney with the material she or he needs to build your case.  

If you do not live conveniently to your attorney's office you will be tempted to put off personal meetings in favor of skype, and teleconferencing.  Remote meetings are a wonderful resource and they have a place, but they do not take the place

of in person meetings.  

2.  Can you afford the lawyer's fees?

Many lawyers and most divorce lawyers charge by the hour. 


They will often require a prepaid retainer to cover the first 10-15 hours of work in your case and while this may be adequate, if the retainer is exhausted they will typically require that you replenish the funds before they continue to work on your case.  

Before you hire any attorney make sure you can afford to replenish the retainer if it's used up.

3.  Can you talk to the lawyer?  Do you like and trust him or her?

Your lawyer is the person you are entrusting with what may be a life-changing matter.  You need to trust her or him.  

So ask yourself:

a. do they ask intelligent questions?

b.  do they answer your questions?

c.  Do they explain matters that are unfamiliar to you?

d. Are they polite and professional?

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