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Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Updated: May 11


There are a lot of good lawyers in Texas. But, finding the one who is right for you feels like a challenge. Because it is a challenge.

Run a simple internet search for lawyers in your community and you will get so many results that it may be overwhelming.

Here is a tip. Do not use the internet to find a lawyer. Use the internet to narrow your options and meet with several of them, in person. That will require a time commitment from you, but in the end, you will get better results.

That is because the best lawyer is the one whose personality, experience and fees fit your needs. You cannot tell if you can work with someone based on an internet search. No matter how carefully you choose your search terms, the results will be sorted so that paid advertisements appear first. Not the best match to your search terms and not the most popular lawyers in your community, but the lawyers who paid to appear first.

So keep scrolling. Make a list of lawyers whose websites impress you and then call them to schedule an appointment. Then pay close attention.

a. Does the firm return your call promptly?

b. Does the lawyer have the courtesy to meet with you personally or does she pass you off to a paralegal?

c. Does the lawyer answer your questions frankly and completely?

d. Does the lawyer seem knowledgeable?

e. Is the lawyer honest about potential problems with your case? That's a actually a good sign because it means that you can trust her.

f. Is the lawyer respectful? Does he address you by your first name or does he show respect by addressing you as Mr. or Ms.?

Those are just a few examples of things to look for as you go through the difficult process of selecting an attorney. You know best what matters most to you. Make a list of those things and think about what you can ask or look for to see if a particular lawyer can provide that for you.

But whatever you do, do not hire a lawyer sight unseen. Call, make an appointment (even if you have to pay a small consultation fee) and meet with the attorney. In person. Then pay attention. The answer will become clear.

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