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When you want results, not excuses, call Hutson Law.  We pride ourselves on being aggressive, hardworking and honest.  That starts with communication, and communication starts with Listening.  At Hutson Law, listening is just one of the things we do really well.  We listen because we know that in order to best serve you, we have to know who you are and what you want.  Not just for today, but for the long term.  

Listening begins with your first call, when we will obtain the basic facts about your case.  



First we are aggressive.  Which means we are prepared to assert the strengths of your case and to minimize any weaknesses.  We also work to identify and exploit any weaknesses of your opponent. 


An important first step in that process is for our attorney to prepare a Written Case Summary in consultation with you.  This summary will detail the facts of your case as well as identifying important witnesses and evidence.  The case summary will also record thoughts and impressions of key players about the underlying facts. 


Experience has shown that a detailed case summary will serve as  an important reference source to preserve details and intuitive thoughts about your case that are easily forgotten but may later prove important.



Next,  we will develop a Case Strategy.  This will start with a broad outline of the steps we will take to move your case forward to a successful conclusion.  As your case develops these steps will become more detailed. But it's important that we have a strategy in place and that we adjust that strategy to suit the context and facts of the case as they develop.  This requires laser focus and hard-work, but its a crucial part of our representation of any client.



Honesty is another key component of our recipe for success.  We don't hide facts or 

Some of the steps typically included in a case strategy are:  

1.  Identifying and Assessing key fact witnesses;  

2.  Identifying relevant documentary evidence; 

3.   Determining whether you will need expert witnesses; 

4.  Preparing a discovery plan.  

Nothing that happens in your case will come as a surprise.  Every decision we make involves a three part analysis:  

a. options

b. risks

c. cost


We aren't "yes" men. 


We will assess the facts and make honest recommendations so you can make an informed decision that considers short and long term risks and benefits.  

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Finding the lawyer that is right for you is about asking the right questions.  

1.  Is the lawyer's office close to your home?  You will need to meet with your attorney over the course of your case.  

In my experience meeting with your attorney in person is important.  It promotes trust and stimulates the memory which in turn provides your attorney with the material she or he needs to build your case.  

If you do not live conveniently to your attorney's office you will be tempted to put off personal meetings in favor of skype, and teleconferencing.  Remote meetings are a wonderful resource and they have a place, but they do not take the place of in person meetings.  

2.  Can you afford the lawyer's fees?

Many lawyers and most divorce lawyers charge by the hour. 


They will often require a prepaid retainer to cover the first 10-15 hours of work in your case and while this may be adequate, if the retainer is exhausted they will typically require that you replenish the funds before they continue to work on your case.  

Before you hire any attorney make sure you can afford to replenish the retainer if it's used up.

3.  Can you talk to the lawyer?  Do you like and trust him or her?

Your lawyer is the person you are entrusting with what may be a life-changing matter.  You need to trust her or him.  

So ask yourself:

a. do they ask intelligent questions?

b.  do they answer your questions?

c.  Do they explain matters that are unfamiliar to you?

d. Are they polite and professional?

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