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Divorce & Famiy Law


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Whether you want to file for divorce, seek a child support modification, or pursue custody of your children, Hutson Law can help.  


The Petition


Your divorce case begins with filing a Petition that must include specific information about the parties, the background of the case and the relief you are seeking.  

The Petition must also include any special matters you want to present to the Court, such as: 


- allegations of fault;

- a claim for more than 50% of the community property; 

- a claim for spousal support; 

- a claim of fraud on the community estate.   

The Petition is the foundation of your case and it is crucial that it raise all issues that you intend to present to the Court.  


Once the Petition is filed, the parties will engage in discovery.  This is the process of obtaining evidence to support the allegations in your petition. 

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